Welcome to Acoustic Guitar Resource, a website created to provide information for the aspiring guitarist.

My aim is to create an easily navigable site for players of all abilities in all genres, informing and educating in what I hope will be an interesting way.

With news from the world of the acoustic guitar, interviews with industry professionals, a hand picked selection of the best free guitar lessons from the internet and reviews of online paid for guitar lessons and other products, I’m sure there will be something of interest for everyone.

So if there is some aspect of the Acoustic Guitar you would like to learn about please have a look around the site and if you can’t find what you want, leave a comment or send me an email at dan@acousticguitarresource.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. Fantastic! Just what I’ve been looking for… Been a drummer all my life and know my way around the guitar (very basically – know all the notes and how to play ‘power chords’ – enough to write songs with a guitarist)… but i want to take my guitar playing to a new informed level…. I think i have found my man!(website)… thanks dude!


    1. Steve
      Good news, with your musical background I’m sure you’ll have a big advantage picking up a second instrument. If there’s anything I can do to help then just drop me a line.


  2. Hey! Great site! I’ve just started getting into playing the guitar and this will be a huge help to me! I feel like I’m all thumbs at the moment, and really in need of simple tips and guidance. Thanks again!


  3. Hey There Dan

    You have an awesome site. I have learned so much. I have not been much interested in guitars, however my boyfriend is. You have given me some information that I can use to impress him. Thank you for the info.

    All the best.



    1. Michelle
      If your boyfriend is impressed with your new found knowledge then feel free to tell him to have a look around the site. Thanks for the comment.


  4. I love the site! It is beautiful, content-rich, and very informative. As a guitar enthusiast, I love the photos and the true love for the instrument that you display. Well done!


  5. Hi Dan, A well thought out content rich website with easy to follow navigation links to other areas of your site. Its a professional looking site which speaks for itself.
    It does make you want to go out and buy a guitar to start lessons. Its a feel good site with plenty of information. Well done.


  6. Martin strings is my favorite. The best strings ever! They last a long time and keep their tone well. I don’t have to tune these nearly as much as others I have used. I have been using these strings for years now. I have gotten a number of people to start buying these just by gifting them.


    1. D’Addario tend to be the ones I use the most but I’ve used Martin a number of times and have always liked them. Thanks for the comment.


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